We’ll do the best we can to improve your Google search rankings for the search terms you want. 

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Focus on selling and growing your business: our partners will do all the fulfillment and technical work for you.

This means that KLB works to rank your business, for search phrases you choose.

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Traffic from Google

We start with a keyword research and take into consideration any past SEO or Google Advertising results you had and your business goals.

We then recommend 10 search phrases to start with which includes long tail and high-volume terms, so you start ranking fast, benefit from initial SEO traffic while we work hard on your high-volume (harder to rank) phrases.

Pricing and FAQ

What is the cost of national SEO campaigns?

Most National SEO Campaigns cost $1,150 per month for a minimum of 10 keywords. 

What is the cost of local SEO campaigns?

Most Local SEO campaigns cost $900 per month for a minimum of 10 keywords.

What Is local SEO?

Local SEO means you get found for searches in your City. E.g. you’re an event organizer from Atlanta, GA. When people search in Atlanta for an event organizer, we do the best we can to increase your SEO presence. But if someone from New York is looking, they won’t find you.

Is SEO better than Paid Advertising?

It is complimentary. By doing both SEO and Paid advertising you’re increasing your overall reach and reducing your overcall cost per click. Which translated to reduced customer acquisition costs.

What Is national SEO?

National SEO means you are covering all the states of America. When people search for Atlanta, GA or Chicago, IL, we do the best we can to increase your SEO presence.

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With our high-quality relevant niche partners, we are able to deliver very targeted links in just the right combination with relevant content and SEO architecture to your website to move results quickly. Our goal is always quality vs quantity. We offer quality links from real, relevant websites.


We are so certain you will see results quickly that we do not require any contracts or commitments. If you don’t love it, we part ways. Or you can continue and get great results.


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